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Sourcery Launches Payments Platform

Managing your finances in a rapidly modernizing sector like the food industry can be a nightmare. Leading tax researchers estimate that small businesses spend up to ten hours a week on bookkeeping – that’s 520 hours every year (or three weeks on the beach).

For months, the Sourcery team has been working with chefs, buyers, distributors and farms across the country, in search of lost time. We’ve tramped through cattle ranches, peered in at swing doors, shivered in the early distributors’ dawn, and clambered shifting, unstable mountains of receipts, invoices and accounts payable disasters.

It’s all been worth it.

Today, we’re launching the food industry’s first complete payments platform. It’s a game changer for the entire supply-chain: Sourcery’s tailored on-line payments platform gives the kitchen back its precious time.

Our platform makes placing your orders the work of a moment; chefs can see market prices changing in real time, and every record and invoice, is stored in one place. You’ll never have to pay a paper invoice again: from today, we’ll handle everything for you.

For suppliers and farms, Sourcery’s payments platform means that you’ll be able to track payments, across your entire business, from any device. We’ll supply you with the analytics you need to grow your business. And for the first time ever, "Net 7" will actually mean Net 7: if you’re in a cash-flow crunch, Sourcery will pay straight away.

In celebration of our platform’s launch, we’re offering a three-month free trial. That’s 120 hours of your time, as a gift from us to you.

Sign up here to discover everything else Sourcery’s payments platform has to offer.

And remember to send us that postcard from the beach.