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Pumpkins from Greenleaf

Top 7 vendors for Startups

via Callie Waldman, Corporate Chef at BandPage

Starting up your food program? Check out these startup friendly vendors. They understand what it's like to start small, and will take care of you as you grow big!

Greenleaf “High quality across the board, with produce, dairy, bread, and pantry items. Has a massive prepped inventory section, which allows me to cook for over 60+ people on my own” 1955 Jerrold Avenue, San Francisco, CA. Produce and Dairy Vendor with 2832 products.

Pac Gourmet “The best for finding that specific, specialty ingredient that puts the final touch on a dish. Go-to for last minute event spreads. Easy to see that they hand-pick their entire catalog.” 380 Valley Drive, Brisbane, CA 94005. Specialty and Dry Goods Vendor with 2364 products.

Del Monte “Feels like I’m their only customer – service is that good. Matt, my rep, always helps me out when I’m in a pinch and always gives great advice on what to order based on what I want to create. High quality sourcing practices and inventory match my philosophy and needs.” 200 Napoleon Street, San Francisco, CA 94124. Meat vendor with 2752 products.

O'Sullivan Vending and Coffee Service “Vending service offers a huge variety of products that really allows companies to customize their office snacks. One stop shop from taking inventory, to delivering and stocking their products so that I don't have to think about it.”

Autochlor “Washing dishes for 60 employees would be a nightmare without Autochlor. They replaced our standard household dishwasher with an (under-the-counter) commercial machine that runs a load in 90 seconds. We lease our autochlor and so our upfront cost was very low, and our monthly payments include regular maintenance.”

Marin Sun Farms “They ensure the highest quality meat and seafood with an emphasis on local, sustainable ranchers. They take so much pride in what they do, and it's easy to tell.” Byant Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Sustainable meat vendor with 1064 products.

Taking Stock Produce “Tim handpicks produce selection from a variety of the best local farms on a curated, weekly basis. Small husband-and-wife team who make themselves available to consult with chefs on seasonal menu changes based on current crop conditions. 660 4th Street, San Fracisco, CA 94107. Local produce vendor with 2986 products.

Of course, sometimes a chef needs a day off too, and for that there are outsourcing solutions, such as ZeroCater, CollectiveGreenSF, Zesty and Elevate Cuisine.

About Chef CallieCallie is Corporate Chef at BandPage, and also does consulting for startups interested in building food programs. Her services include conceptualization of the ideal program based on need, generation of detailed road maps, support on hiring out staff, and assistance on building out kitchens and establishing vendor relationships. She can be reached here.